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Photographs by Howard Tan Revised, Second Edition This book offers the first detailed account of the individuals and families who arrived as settlers, traders, miners, cooks and explorers and ma

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When the achievements of great individuals are exaggerated, an enormous shadow is cast over the work of their subordinates. This happened in accounts of the founding of the British settlement at Singa

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A stunning publication covering all aspects of the iconic Penang Hill. Packed with a smorgasboard of images, from the earliest days of occupation through to the current day, this book will take the re

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The Northam Road Cemetery is probably the first burial ground to have been established following settlement of Penang by the British East India Company in 1786. It is certainly the first Christian cem

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A stunning 300-page visual record of Penang street art and its evolution. Your favourite artworks are sure to be included, as are many now lost to the ravages of time, the elements or indeed, to not m

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Drawing on unrivalled access to original correspondence, reports, newspapers and contemporary accounts, Penang: The Fourth Presidency of India presents an in-depth and compelling narrative of a fascin

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George Town World Heritage Incorporated Lavishly illustrated with over 230 specially commissioned photographs and never-before-published historical images, Little India of George Town presents a pi

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George Town World Heritage Incorporated This book is ‘a compilation of 42 stories written by various personalities in Penang, detailing their recollections and thoughts of the historic city. It

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