About Us


Entrepot Publishing is a Penang-based company founded by fellow authors Keith Hockton and Marcus Langdon to publish and distribute books in Malaysia and Singapore.


1S8A3477 Keith Hockton is a writer and author based in Penang, Malaysia who for several years has worked on lifting Malaysia’s international profile through his role as South East Asian Editor for International Living, a lifestyle based magazine. He lectures internationally on Malaysia, and is responsible for taking Malaysia to the third best country to retire to in the world in the renowned International Living retirement index.

His published books include:

Atlas of Australian Dive Sites – Travellers Edition (Harper Collins Australia, 2003).

Penang – An inside guide to its historic homes, buildings, monuments and parks (MPH Publishing, 2012; 2nd Edition 2017).

Festivals of Malaysia (Trafalgar Publishing, 2015).

Alana and the Secret Life of Trees at Night (Entrepot Publishing, 2018)


Born in England but transplanted to Australia early in life, Marcus claims to have frittered away far too many years in uninspiring private and corporate business life before developing his passion as a ‘detective of history’. Since the 1990s he has spent ‘uncountable hours’ researching the early years of Penang’s history under the East India Company in more detail than perhaps anyone has ever done before. Sourcing information from original documents, he has meticulously pieced together many long-forgotten stories of the growth and development of this fascinating island.

His published works include:

Penang: The Fourth Presidency of India 1805–1830, Volume 1, Ships, Men and Mansions (Areca Books, 2013)

Penang: The Fourth Presidency of India 1805–1830, Volume 2, Fire, Spice and Edifice (George Town World Heritage Incorporated, 2015)

Biographical Dictionary of Mercantile Personalities of Penang (contributing editor), (Think City & MBRAS, 2013)

George Town’s Historic Commercial and Civic Precincts (researcher/writer), (George Town World Heritage Incorporated, 2015).

Epitaph: The Northam Road Protestant Cemetery (George Town World Heritage Incorporated, 2017)

Living in Penang since 2010, he has imparted his historical knowledge to innumerable local projects and is a director of Entrepot Publishing Sdn Bhd.